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Housing - Be the Teacher




 Yes, your new project will need a home, a nice shelter from the wind, rain and snow.  Keep in mind it also has to provide protections from predators; many a good project has been lost to dogs and other predators.

 Inside of your secure pen you will need feeders and a water pan, be sure they are up off the ground to try to keep them from putting there feet in them.  Its is best to put two goats per pen. They should be of the same size. It is not a good idea to mix larger goats with smaller goats. The larger goat will become the bully and the small goat will grow slowly.


Be the Teacher:


 As soon as you get you goat be the teacher.  Spend time with your goats and get to know them. Let them get to know you. Help them feel safe around people. Tie them up and put your hands on them so they get used to being handled. You can do this a week or two then start teaching them to lead. Its your job to make the goat look good at the show and it is much easier to make them look good when they know what to do.

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