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Feeding & Exercise




  THE FIRST THING IN A GOOD FEEDING PROGRAM IS CLEAN FRESH WATER with out it no feed will work. Water is an important component of the body as lean tissue consists of nearly 70% water and all body fluids depend on water from the system.

  This is a good time to take care of vaccinations. (Some breeders use Covexin 8 or other similar vaccines) but just to be safe you should give yours its vaccination and a booster in 30 days.

  I like to start the new kids out on a free choice or self-feeding program. There are many good show feeds, SHOW-RITE, Manna Pro, Acco, Moor Mans, Purina, Surefed, and others.  I feel it is important to feed a pelleted feed. This is to insure you know they are getting what you paid for, many times they will pick through textured feed and pick out what they like but not getting the whole ration. This full feed ration will go on for 2 to 3 months.

Then starts the hand feeding process. This is a hard one to just lock down and say this is how its done. There are many things that come into play. Like is the goat too fat. Fat goats do not win!  How much exercise are you giving your goat? Your goat can eat more if its on an intensive exercise program. A safe feeding can be 1 to 3 lbs. per day. We like to feed 3 times a day but you need to at least feed 2 times a day. It will give your goats body a better chance to get everything out of the feed. A feeding program cannot make up for a lack of good genetics, but will allow your goats to reach their genetic potential.




  There are many ideas about how to exercise a goat but the number one thing is to DO IT.  Ask anyone you know that is doing well show goats. I think you will find they are exercising their goats daily.

  Some use track dogs, and run the kids on a round track. Remember that intensive, short durations of exercise develops muscle faster and more effectively.  Some use treadmills but again it must be short and intensive. We have used both I have found it is easier for my kids to use the treadmill as the track dogs need more supervision. We do not have a state-of-the-art animal treadmill ours is just a normal people treadmill with plywood sides.

  If you do not have either just remember however you are working your goats it is a short intensive workouts.

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