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Preparing for the Show - Show Time


Preparing for the Show:


 The first thing you need to do is find the rules and regulations for the shows in your area.  Im in Oklahoma and we must slick shorn wethers 3/8 of an inch. There is a no brace rule with dismissal from the judge or if not him, then by the superintendent of the show.

  It is best to shear your goats a week or even two before the show. With a 3/8-clipper blade you can go with a shorter blade but give yourself time for the clipper marks to grow out. Run parallel to the length of the body of the goat. Be sure to clip all the hair off the body and the head. It is preferred not to clip below the knees or hocks. Do cut the hair above the hoof even with the hoof line, and blend the hair at the knees and hocks. The hair on the tail can be bobbed and looks nice. Most shows will have no artificial coloring of the goats.

  This is also a good time to look at their feet and give them a good trim. Their feet should be trimmed about every 3 weeks. Keeping there feet trimmed true and even can make you or brake you.

 If you are shearing in the colder winter months, you should cover your goat with a goat sock or blanket immediately after shearing. A clean, well-bedded pen should be provided for the goat to keep him clean and dry.


Show Time:


  First your goat should be clean and free from any dirt or dead hair. I prefer goats show with a chain it will give you more control of your goat. Next we come to you the exhibitor, if you are not in the first class be sure to watch the show to see what the judge will expect of you in the ring.   Things to remember: 1. How much does your goat weigh? 2. What are the good points about your goat and what are the bad?  3. You should also know what you feed your goat and how much and how often. 4. Its always good to know the parts of a goat, so if asked to point one out to the judge you can do so. 5. You yourself should be well groomed; you have put a lot of time in this project so lets look nice. No ball caps or shirttails out.


 Be on time for your class. Showing your goat: You should always exhibit your goat from the opposite side of the judge so remember its a goat show not a people show. Lead your goat at a nice pace, its not a race its a show. Show the judge what a good goat looks like. Never pass your goat behind your back one fast move and their gone. Be polite and respectful to the judge and other exhibitors.

 Get your goat set up and ready for the judge. Their head should be held up, with its body, neck, and head all in a straight line.  Know where the judge is and where your goat is at all times. Avoid corners of the ring and leave plenty of space between your goat and others. Always show with both hands. Do not put your free hand behind your back, use your free hand to keep the goat's head and body straight.