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Shechem Ranch

Danny Thompson


Welcome to our house, where you will find Boer Goats, Meat Goats and Show Wethers.  We are here to support 4H & F.F.A wether shows, with their wether goat and show doe projects.
2008, 5 of the top 20 Doe's @ the OYE  bred by Shechem Ranch.
2009 Again 4 of the top 20 Doe's @ the OYE  bred by Shechem Ranch.  
2010 , 2 more Does of the top 20 Doe's OYE bred by Snechem
2011, 3 more Does top 20 OYE bred by Shechem
Grand Doe N.W. Dis. Woodward 2011
Div. 1 Champion Doe N.W. Dis Enid 2011

  Shechem Ranch , Boer Goat and Meat Goat Ranch in Central Oklahoma. 

Shechem, The name means shoulder, the place of self-strength.

 Boer Goats (MEAT GOATS) with out the meat its just another goat.

Danny Thompson
Certified Judge,American Boer Goat Association
Certified Judge,American Meat Goat Association
Served on O,M.G.A. & A.M.G.A  Board of Director's

3.2.1 Abraham. The first reference to Shechem in Scripture occurs in Genesis 12:6-8. This passage records how Abram travelled southwards through Canaan until he reached the great tree of Moreh at Shechem in the center of the land. There the Lord appeared to him

2009 San Angelo Res. Grand Champion
Congratulations, , Sierra Martin & thank you to the Martin family. {Duce son}

Congratulations Blake Kennedy Res. Div Champion Okla State Fair

Oklahoma State Fair
Grand & Res. Grand Doe

"Just the Majors"


2011 3 Does Top 20 OYE

2010 Iowa State Fair Res Grand Champion FFA

2010 Div. II Champion Houstion Livestock Show

2010 2 Does Top 20 Sale of Champions OYE

2009 Res. Champion Doe Okla. State Fair

2009 Top 15 Sale Of Champions Wether OYE

2009 4 Does Top 20 Sale Of Champions OYE

2009 Div. II Res. Champion Doe OYE

2009 Res. Grand Champion Wether, San Angelo Texas Fair

2008 Div. II Champion Doe Tulsa State Fair

2008 Div. I Champion Doe Tulas State Fair

2008 Res Champion Div III Wether, Tulsa State Fair

2008 Res. Grand Champion Doe Okla. State Fair.

2008 Grand Champion Doe Okla State Fair,

2008 Res. Div Champion Wether Okla. State Fair

2008 5 Does Top 20 Sale Of Champions OYE

2008 Res. Div Champion Doe OYE

2008, Div. Champion Doe OYE

2008, Bronzes Medallion Doe OYE

2007, Res Div. Champion Doe Tulsa State Fair.

2007, Res. Div Champion Wether, Tulsa State Fair

2007, Res.Div Champion Doe OYE

2006, Res. Div Champion Doe Tulsa State Fair

2006, Grand Champion Doe Tulsa State Fair

2005, Res. Div Champion Wether Tulsa State Fair

2005, Res. Grand Doe Okla. State Fair

2005 , Grand Champion Doe, OYE

2003, Grand Champion Wether Okla State Fair



Tulsa State Fair 2012
Colton Muirhead Sale of Champions

2010 Iowa State Fair Res Grand Champion FFA
Alecia Moser

Link to Show Rite Feeds

We are asked from time to time do we really feed SHOW RITE show feeds, YES we do. There is not a show feed out there that will replace genetics, but with the right feed and the right genetics you get............. SHOW RITE >>> DONE RITE!!!